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SNEAK PREVIEW: My interview with Miss Tool Box, Stephanie Cotnoir

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Credit: Miss. Tool Box Facebook Page

Credit: Miss. Tool Box Facebook Page

Here is an exclusive preview at my new article that I am going to be posting at News From The Pits about Stephanie Cotnoir, who is one of the mechanics for Team Scream.


While most will say that monster trucks are just for the guys, there are a bunch of girls out there that will tell you they are also for the girls, too. One of those is Stephanie Cotnoir, who is part of the Team Scream crew.

“There are several girls crewing and driving for different monster truck teams and they can do as much as guys do!” She added. “Same thing with off-roading! People usually look at me funny with my Jeep but once they see me working on it and driving it, then they stop thinking I’m just a ‘chick with her boyfriend’s truck.’”

Cotnoir, who is known to most as Miss. Tool Box, she got involved with Team Scream after e-mailing some pictures she took at Quebec show to the team.

“Steve (Koehler) wrote me back, we started talking, and couple months later I came to Michigan for a visit, and ended up living there four years, going to shows, doing the website, learning to work on the trucks, answering emails, etc.,” she said.


Stay tuned to the website and for the full article 🙂


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